Every Gujarati housewife makes this mistake… .. Never keep these things in the freezer, things become like poison.… It increases the chances of getting 80% cancer. – Gujarati Press

Freeze has become one of the must have items in every home kitchen and without which it would not work. Freeze is a necessity of every home. The freezer also holds items that can be stored for months and can be reused the next day. Every housewife has a habit of freezing food, storing other food items in the freezer and using it the next day.

But today you will change this habit. Because today we will tell you about 10 things that can be dangerous to use after freezing. These things cause serious damage to health. So let’s find out what are the things that should be avoided in the freezer.

Increased cooked food: Never have overcooked food in the freezer. This happens in most homes with the feeling of not throwing away and being frugal but let me tell you that this habit is not good at all. This is because such foods contain elements like carbohydrates, fructose, trans fatty acids. These elements can cause heart problems, headaches, and difficulty breathing. Apart from this, eating such food for a long time can also lead to cancer.

Sweet things: Items like chocolates, cakes, sweets, marmalades are also stored in the freezer of many people’s homes. Such things also become harmful to health. Eating sweets stored in the freezer increases the amount of manganese in the body. Apart from this, heart problems, constipation, high BP, diabetes can also occur.

Stale food:
Many people store some items in the freezer for days and use them after many days. This type of stale food is also harmful to health. Eating it can cause problems like food poisoning, stomach ache.

Spicy foods: Avoid foods that are high in sauces, sauces, salt, sugar, etc. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. But if you keep it in the freezer, all the nutrients in it will be destroyed and then it will be damaged by consuming it. This increases the amount of sodium in the body which is dangerous for the heart.

Cold drinks and cold drinks:
Freeze-cold drinks and cold drinks are also dangerous to health. Drinking it increases calcium in the body. These things increase the risk of kidney problems, acidity, constipation, tooth decay, stains.

Keep the freeze temperature right: Food poisoning from any food spreads the bacteria in it. These bacteria spread rapidly at temperatures between 5 60 C and 60 C. Therefore it is necessary to set the freeze temperature exactly. Also change the temperature if the perishable item is kept in the freezer. Because everything needs a different temperature.

Apart from this the way of keeping things is also important. Items such as meat, milk and dairy products as well as eggs are perishable and bacteria can spread from them. Do not freeze such items for a long time.

If you bring a frozen item, put it in the freezer immediately after you bring it from the market. Keeping things out for a long time makes it worse. You can keep such items out for a maximum of 30 minutes. It should be put in the freezer first.

Other than that, anything kept in the freezer has been in it for a long time and if you have any doubts about it, take it out and don’t make the mistake of using it. Apart from this, never use the food found in the packet after its expiration date. Greedy use of such items can be harmful to health.

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