Even today Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Dada of Salangpur gives Satna Parcha, the secret connected with the 176 year old well near the temple is hardly known – Gujarat Info Portal

There are many temples of Hanumanji in Gujarat. Devotees come from far and wide to visit every temple. Then everyone will know about Shri Kashtabhanjan Dada’s Dham in Salangpur. Here devotees from all over the country and abroad come to see Dada. It is said that Kashtabhanjan in Salangpur is the only idol of Hanumanji in which he can be seen smiling.

Dada’s Dham is a center of faith for the devotees. Yogivarya Sadguru Shri Gopalananda Swami has set up this idol by his own hand. It is said that when he came to Salangpur to broadcast satsangs, he understood the anguish of the devotees. So he resolved to visit Shri Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji here to alleviate the sufferings of infinite beings.

Swami Gopalananda drew the idol of Dada with his own hands on a paliya in the village pada and made the idol by calling Kana Kadiya of Botad village. He then immediately built a beautiful little temple and erected the idol in it with his own hands. Swami then invited Hanumanji to sit in this idol at the behest of Shriji in Samadhiyoga.

It is said that Sri Ramdoot Hanumanji appeared in this idol as soon as the Anadimula Aksharamurti Yogivirya Sadguru Shri Gopalananda Swami was obeyed. With this the idol began to tremble. Maruti Nandan immediately started laughing after Swami’s call. This smile can still be seen on the idol of Kashtabhanjan Dev.

The stick of Gopalananda time is kept in this temple even today in the form of prasadi. There is a 176 year old water well near this temple. It is said that years ago the whole village used to come to drink water from this well. So Gopalananda Swami built a temple at this place for the benefit of Darshan to every devotee who comes to drink water.

It is said that water is taken from this well every Friday. This water is then anointed on the stick of Gopalananda Swami placed next to the idol of Dada. Which is given in the form of prasadi to the devotees who come to the temple. It is said that during the construction of the temple, Gopalananda Swami gave a blessing that every difficulty that comes to the court of God will be removed.

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