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Famous actor of Hindi films Nana Patekar’s acting leaves an impression on people’s minds. You will find Nana Patekar fans in every corner of the country. He has earned a distinct identity in Bollywood on the strength of his acting. His dialogues in particular set him apart from all other Bollywood actors.

Nana has been awarded the National Film Award. He started his career in Bollywood with the film ‘Gaman’. But he was no longer recognized on screen. He played the role of a villain in the film ‘Parinda’. His performance in the film won him the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also received the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

He was once again awarded the Filmfare Best Actor Award for his performance in the 1995 film “Krantiveer”. He also played a villain in the film “Afaran”, for which he was awarded the Filmfare Best Villain Award in 2006. By now Nana Patekar had become a well-known actor.

Honored with “Padma Shri”. Nana Patekar was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2013 for her unparalleled contribution to Indian cinema. Let me tell you that this honor is given by the Government of India to an Indian citizen who has made a special contribution in any field. The Padma Shri award recognizes the special contribution made by a person.

In an interview, Nana Patekar talked about her life and said that her father was in the textile painting business. But once a close member of the family cheated his entire property. Nana’s father was shocked by this sentence. His whole family also became obsessed with food. In such a situation Nana decided to help her father.

Didn’t want to work in small films. It is said that Nana Patekar initially did not want to work in films. He only enjoyed doing theater. But at the repeated request of actress Smita Patil, he entered films. Today Nana Patekar has become a well known face of Hindi films. It is enough to be in a movie to be a hit nowadays.

Nana Patekar does many kinds of business. Usually any celebrity earns only from movies. Due to which they also have to bear the loss when the films flop. But apart from acting in films, Nana Patekar also produces films.

He is also a stage performer and host of reality TV shows. Not only that, he has also invested in a variety of real estate properties. Thus they have many sources of income out of which the youngest has now amassed a fortune of crores.

Lives in a small luxurious house. Nana Patekar lives in a luxurious house in Mumbai, worth about Rs 3 crore. Apart from this, there are many properties in his name in different parts of the country. Speaking of vehicles, Nana Patekar owns many luxury vehicles. Their range of vehicles includes vehicles like Mahindra Jeep CJ4, Audi Q7 and Mahindra Scorpio.

Nana has assets worth crores. Nana Patekar’s movable and movable assets are estimated at Rs 50 crore. It is estimated that their wealth could increase by up to 40% in the coming years and most of it is real estate. But in spite of his wealth, he prefers to live a simple life.

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