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Hanuman ji and marriage – If you say that Bajrang Bali himself is a celibate, he was a lifelong graduate, what should he have to do with marriage? But this is absolutely true. The role was played by child celibate Hanumanji.

Although Bajrangbali himself is a child celibate, it does not mean that he allows his devotees to remain celibate in the same way. Then why doesn’t it come with the desire of marriage.

Agasaud is a town about 20 km from Jabalpur city in Madhya Pradesh. There is a very famous and ancient temple of Hanumanji in this town. The child celibate Hanuman of this temple is called married Hanuman.

As the name suggests, Hanumanji is also here. It is said that Hanumanji does not like sweets but flowers here and that too is not a flower like a red rose.

Although all the desires are fulfilled in this temple, but fulfilling the desires of the desired marriage is the biggest feature of this temple.

Some vow to have a love marriage while some keep a partner of their choice. Apart from this, people also come here whose marriage is being delayed or there is any obstacle. Married child Brahmachari Hanuman gets everyone married.

So what are you waiting for, if you also want to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend or find your favorite partner, try married Hanuman once. If devotion works, Jai Siya Ram, if not, I will tell you another way to get married.

The temple priest Pandit Rajkumar says that married Hanumanji fulfills all kinds of desires. But there are more young men and women whose marriage is being hampered. Hanumanji’s grace removes obstacles in marriage.

After only 12 days, the wedding is going to resound once again, which means that the break on the wedding will be lifted due to Malmas. In such a situation if your marriage is having a problem or with the girl you want,

If there is any obstacle in your marriage, Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji will remove all the troubles. If you ever go to this temple, you will usually see less young men and women in this temple.

If someone comes here to ask for a love marriage, other than their choice, there are also people who come here whose marriage is being delayed or there is some kind of obstacle, they are not disappointed.

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