Drinking cannabis water and spraying it will cure cancer, will that cannabis water reach our paniyara.

Cannon Water: New Decoration of Paniyara?

– Harikrishna Shastri

There will be a war for water, he has heard, but for the first time he has seen that war can be won with water!

It so happened that Ketan Bhingradia, a service-minded businessman from Surat, met Bipin Gababhai Ghelani, a native of Atkot and living in Surat for the last 15 years. It was reported that the brother had been diagnosed with cancer of the gums, and his jaw began to rot. The investigation revealed cancer in the third stage directly.

The whole family was worried about the cost, the skepticism about the treatment methods, and especially about the BK’s survival measures to prevent dehydration from the fourth stage. Inquiries by Ketanbhai and his associates revealed that a total of 13 doses of chemotherapy were given at reputed hospitals like Kiran, Bharat or Himalaya. More than eight lakhs were spent. The whole body began to swell with black scars. Unbearable pain stopped eating and drinking and speaking.

He also went to places like Sindhwada and Wagaldhara for Ayurvedic medicine and stayed there for ten days. The whole family was washing up all the way, and the result was a disappointing zero! These friends took him to a Japanese cancer treatment company at 11.30 p.h. Advised to drink cannabis water and spray water of 2.5 pH.

Surprisingly, what did not happen with the treatments that are considered essential for cancer, happened with this water! The wound healed in just four months. Eating and drinking began. Cancer free reports found! And Bipinbhai devoted his life to the service of treating other people with the same water by going to Atkot village from Surat.

I personally know more than 200 people in Surat city alone on more than 50 diseases like gout, arthritis, thyroid, overweight, diabetes, acidity, chronic constipation, psoriasis, cancer, all of which are alkaline, antioxidant and microclimate obtained only by cannabis water. Living a healthy life because of the cure given by capacity.

Indians know about Gangotri water, Indian Muslims know about Zamzam water besides Gangotri. These three properties, which originate in only five places in the world, retain the same quality for hundreds of years by not allowing water to come into contact with air.

Can such water be “created” for the average human being living in every region of the world, living with all kinds of food, and living in every kind of environment?

So that by improving 80% of the water in the body, the health of the whole body can be made more and more healthy, strong and with longevity? The idea was on the minds of Japanese doctors.

The reason was that at the end of the 1939 World War, two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were hit by an-anu-bo-mb-na-hu-ma-la. Both towns were annihilated by this hu-ma-la, and for years thereafter the people continued to be born with disabilities due to the side effects of the atomic reaction. She was also afflicted with many other ailments.

After 20 years of research they came up with the decision to change the water! And for that, seven plates of titanium passed through the water between the electromagnetic factors by platinum-coating. And it immediately split into two sections: one alkaline and the other acidic.

This water became thinner than normal water, but the minerals did not decrease at all. It also has antioxidant properties. And these machines were given for hospital use only and exclusively for 20 years. After years of consistent results over many diseases, the Japanese government gave the company’s device a medical grade status!

The name “Enegic” was given because it showed the combined effect of energy and magic. The water that flows out of it is named “Kangan” because the word in Japanese means, to return to nature… back to origin!

This Kangan Water device, which has been providing consistent health results for over 47 years, was presented to Shri Narendra Modi during his visit to Japan in 2016. The Prime Minister, who has a habit of going deep in all matters, inquired a lot about this. He used water. And its marketing in India got the seal of approval! The company, which has the concept of direct selling, started exposing the health benefits to the people of India instead of showing business.

Doctor Hiromi Shinya, the inventor of endoscopy, or Robert G., director of the American Cancer Research Institute. Wright, or former President Barack Obama’s cardiologist Dr. Gerald Benson even sings the name of the company in his books, saying that water is the best medicine. But we can’t believe anything like that !! What to do with the faith of whites without quality experience?

So two or four entrepreneurs ordered the machine. The results were so overwhelming that he could not help but say “Near and Dear”. And so, in time, groups like Water Warriors or Water Revolution started. He brought a sense of “hash” into the lives of thousands of patients, as well as a new lease of life for business.

Last year’s tragic research says that Gujarat has seen an increase of 325% in cancer patients in the last ten years! Surprisingly, even women who are not addicted are more likely to develop cancer! What is the reason Have you seen some videos circulating on social media? In which eggplant, oats, prawns etc. are sprayed with color chemical to make them look fresh and shiny !!

Have you ever asked a farmer what pesticides you use to protect the vegetables or fruits in our kitchen from a variety of pests? Remember, the things sprinkled with worm ma-ra-wa-ni a ze-ri-da-wa-are cooked in the kitchen. And through the breathing of her Ze-ri-dhu-ma-da sisters gives birth to acid in the body and later cancer.

The solution to this is that such vegetables, beans, fruits are washed with water of 11.30 ph coming out of this machine, then in 10 to 15 minutes dirty, black and colored chemicals are released !! All Vegetables and Beans Organic!

Naturally, regular consumption of such cooking not only gives health at home, but also gives a new glow to the face. For a cancer-free and other disease-free family, this device may not be too much to call an “angel.”

The problem we have there is that the actors feel proud to bring the ganji-vest they wear! The oils, soaps or shampoos used by actresses are considered expensive! But many responsible people like Pareshbhai Kachhdia, Rakesh Vyas, Nareshbhai Gangani, Prabhubhai Patel have constantly, seriously, self-experienced, experienced on Down Syndrome, Psoriasis or Cancer in Pregnancy Clot in Brain, and speak for themselves. Don’t swallow too soon !!

If a man of ordinary status gives advice on the need of the body and the health of the family, in which the business ladder is slowly becoming a highway, long-term economic benefits can be given to many, we must stop accepting it. But we also make him a laughing stock! Where is this justice?

Our sages even went so far as to say that even if you get a good and true sublime child, you should gladly accept it. Friends, the one I am going to quote here is Dr. Gerald Benson who has been the cardiac physician of former US President Barack Obama, and has treated many other celebrities like him. Based on his own experience, he wrote, “We have been understanding the importance of alkaline diets for decades.

We even managed to get a completely alkaline diet for the patients, because alkaline foods without enough alkaline foods increase the acid in the body, which changes the pH of the body. We have to give the body alkaline water based on what we are already feeding. Can we get it easily?

Yes, that is, Kangan, medical grade water. In our thousands of patients we have seen significant results from drinking Kangan Medical grade water. In the United States we are making this technology part of the medical community. Because Kangan water is revolutionizing the health and well-being of our nation, this will be a great thing for everyone and will change the lives of millions of people. “

There were not so many diseases when we drank running water, and after drinking stagnant water-dead water for months from dams, lakes, causeways, tanks and house tanks to pots, our house gradually became the abode of diseases, and our bodies became the abode of various diseases!

Clean water is still only 3% of the world’s population, even chlorine-rich! Where to find living water, live water? There was a time when r. O. Has to be explained, and now it has become an acceptable filter. As time goes on, it will be realized whether Kangan Ionizer will also come to beautify our waters in the next two-four years or not.

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