Dog funeral held in this village of Gujarat

With the advent of animal awareness, many people today keep dogs. There is a street dog named Bhuriya Brahmachari in Vadipati Vas of Karannagar village near Kadi. The people of the village love this dog very much. The seven-year-old dog has since died of natural causes. The villagers then performed the funeral of this dog.

It is to be mentioned that the sitting of this dog was also held on Sunday. In which a picture of this dog was placed next to the picture of Lord Krishna. The people of the village came here and offered wreaths to him and the women paid homage with Ramadhun. The feeling of the people of the village was connected with these dogs.

This dog named Bhurabhai Brahmachari has never barked at the people of the village or the suburbs. Dogs usually bite but this dog has not bitten or bitten anyone. The people of this village said that the twelfth rite will be performed for this brother just as the twelfth rite is performed for the welfare of his soul for mankind.

The people of this village had a lot of feelings for this dog named Bhuriya Brahmachari. People treated this dog like their own son. People who died of natural causes then buried him and kept him seated. From all these things, the unique love of the people of Karannagar towards this brown celibate dog was revealed. Everyone is paying tribute to this dog.

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