Does Nawab Saif Ali Khan think of a fifth child at the age of 60? Kareena Kapoor Khan warns

Bollywood’s Nawab Saif Ali Khan is the father of 4 children. The funny thing is that Saif has one child every decade of his 20s. Kareena scoffed at her husband Saif Ali Khan’s humorous remarks. Saif himself has also reacted to this. Kareena Kapoor Khan said in an interview that she had warned Saif that she would not have any children in the 60’s.

In the conversation, Kareena Kapoor said – Saif has had a baby every decade. – In the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. I told Saif that Tara would not do this in the 60’s. I think an open minded person like Saif can be a father of four children at different stages. He gives his time to all the children. Now with Jah we are trying to balance. We have a contract under which he shoots when. I try not to work at that time. Saif stays home when I work.

Kareena also spoke about Saif and Taimur’s bond. She says people like Timur. If there are people in the house, he wants to be a part of them. That is Mini Saif. Wants to be a rockstar. Listens to AC / DC and Steely Dan with her father. His bond is marvelous. He says Abba is my best friend.

Saif Ali Khan has two children from his first wife Amrita Singh, Sara Ali Khan-Ibrahim Ali Khan. Saif has two children from Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur Ali Khan and Jahangir Ali Khan. Saif and Kareena welcomed Jahangir last year. The couple married in 2012. Timur was born in 2016. There is a gap of 25 years between Sara Ali Khan and Jahangir. Kareena says that Saif pays attention to all her children. He is a good father.

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