Do you know why Russia invaded Ukraine? What does Putin want? Learn Details… – Deshi Gujarati

There has been an atmosphere of tension between Russia and Ukraine over the past few months. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been denying plans to invade Ukraine for the past few months, but in the end he gave the green light to the Russian military for military action against Ukraine. Russian forces attacked shortly after receiving orders from the Russian president. There were explosions in several cities in Ukraine. Many people lost their lives in Ukraine. At the same time, reports of injuries are constantly coming in.

Now the dispute between Russia and Ukraine has turned into a war. Apart from these two countries, the eyes of the whole world are also on Europe and America. But do you know the real reason why Russia invaded Ukraine? What is the purpose of Russian President Vladimir Putin? If you do not know this we will tell you about this topic today.

First of all, you should know that Ukraine was also one of the countries that separated after the dissolution of Russia. Crimea, meanwhile, was annexed by Russia, which annexed it in 2014. Apart from this, the majority of Russian supporters are in Donbass, Luhansk and Donetsk, Ukraine.

If we talk outside of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia is completely with Russia. This means that Ukraine is completely surrounded by Russia. Now let’s talk about the reason why Russia had to take the step of attacking Ukraine.

The first reason is that the US is conducting an exercise to include Ukraine in NATO. The US-dominated bloc includes 30 countries, most of them European. However, most of the soldiers are from America. The reason America continues this kind of exercise is because of old controversies.

The United States has said in the past that it has imposed sanctions on Russia, and that it is seeking to have a solution. However, his move has so far failed. Now he wants to do this with the help of Ukraine. If Ukraine goes along with NATO, depending on its military and its weapons, the US may be able to partially succeed in harming it, which is a major concern for Russia.

If we know the second cause of this attack, the US and other countries in Western Europe are blocking the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Let me tell you that billions of dollars have been spent by Russia on this project. Russia wants to supply gas and oil to France, Germany and the whole of Europe through it. Previously, the supply was pipeline from Ukraine. Russia pays millions of dollars a year to Ukraine for this. Ukraine’s earnings would also be cut off if a new pipeline were built.

The third reason is that Ukraine does not want Russia to go along with the United States in any way. Why does Russia want this? There is a big reason behind it. Because Russia has an emotional relationship with Ukraine. Russia’s foundation was laid on Ukrainian soil. Russia’s identity, the Ural Mountains also pass through Ukraine.

Let me tell you, there has been a long-running dispute between the United States and Russia. The situation has not changed since the end of the Cold War. On the other hand, it cannot be ignored that Russia is a powerful country. What is Russia’s intention? Russia wants to maintain its dignity and not be discredited.

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