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Other wives of Pandavas – Almost everyone knows that Panchali of Mahabharata i.e. Draupadi was the wife of five Pandavas. Draupadi was married to five Pandavas, hence he is called Panchali.

But did you know that Draupadi was not the only wife of these Pandavas, but there were many wives of these five Pandavas besides Draupadi, about whom very few people know. Had a wife,

While not much is known about Draupadi’s son and other sons and wives of Pandavas. Other wives of Pandavas ..1- Yudhisthira .. Apart from Draupadi, Yudhisthira was married to Devika. Devika was his second wife and their son’s name was Dhaudheya.

2-Arjun .. Apart from Draupadi, Arjuna had three more marriages. Apart from Draupadi, Arjuna had three more wives named Subhadra, Ulupi and Chitrangada. Subhadra was born from Abhimanyu, Ulupi to Iravat, Chitrangada from Vabhruvahana.

3- Bhim ..Besides Draupadi, Bhima married two women named Hidimba and Balandhara. Bhim’s wife Hidimba gave birth to Ghatotkach and Balandhara gave birth to a son named Sarvang.

4- Nakul .. In addition to Draupadi, the fourth brother of the Pandavas, Nakula had a wife named Karenumati. Nakula’s wife Karenumati gave birth to a son named Nirmitra.5- Sahadeva ..Apart from Draupadi, Sahadeva had another marriage, his second wife’s name was Vijaya. Vijaya gave birth to a son named Suhotra.

Draupadi, the first wife of five Pandavas.Although the five Pandavas married women other than Draupadi, Draupadi was their first wife who gave birth to one son for each of the five Pandavas in a span of one year. The son’s name was Shatanik and Sahadeva’s son’s name was Shrutsen.

These were the other wives of the Pandavas – it is worth mentioning that although the Pandavas married other women and gave birth to sons, Draupadi is still known as the wife of five Pandavas, about their other wives. People still don’t know.

Subhadra: Subhadra was Krishna’s sister who married Krishna’s friend Arjuna, while Balram wanted Subhadra to marry into the Kaurava clan. Due to Balram’s stubbornness, Krishna kidnapped Subhadra at the hands of Arjuna. Arjuna’s marriage to Subhadra later took place in Dwarka.

After marriage, they lived in Dwarka for one year and spent the rest of their time in the Pushkar region. After completing 12 years, he returned to Indraprastha with Subhadra. Krishna’s sister Subhadra and wife Satyabhama played important roles in the Mahabharata.

Urvashi Urvashi is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Urvashi was a hope. Urvashi was in love with Arjuna’s ancestor Pururava. Urvashi and Pururva have been living together as husband and wife for a long time. He had nine sons, Ayu, Amavasu, Shrutayu, Durdhayu, Vishvayu, Shatayu etc. Once Arjuna was present at Indra’s meeting to learn Astri Vidya.

There Urvashi saw Arjuna and he became enchanted. Urvashi had requested a courtship against Arjun, but Arjun rejected the request saying that I consider you as a mother. Hearing this, Urvashi became angry. So, because his wish was not fulfilled, Urvashi cursed Arjuna that you will be impotent for one year.

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