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In today’s age of internet and social media most people are so busy with their work that they do not have time to eat properly or for any other work. Nowadays, people want to spend their time in the least amount of time, for which they resort to various measures. In most homes, the rest of the dough is refrigerated in the evening, followed by roti, paratha or puri in the morning. But do you know how much damage can be done by eating flour products kept in the fridge overnight?

Yes, stale flour bread should not be made. It is harmful to health. Let us tell you what is the harm of eating flour bread kept in the fridge. If there is a scientific reason behind not using refrigerated flour, then pre-cooked food or flour kneaded several hours ago when it is taken out of the fridge, it becomes stale even after keeping it in the fridge. . Eating bread made from such flour is not good for health. In such cases, it is common for family members to get minor or major illnesses.

Which causes abdominal pain.Rotlas, puris or parathas made from stale flour are stale. This causes the same damage as eating stale bread. Abdominal pain in particular is a common problem. Wheat flour is a coarse grain that takes a long time to digest. Therefore, patients with constipation are forbidden to eat bread. In such a situation, eating stale flour bread can cause constipation even in common people.

Fermentation processThe process of fermentation in wet flour starts quickly. Therefore, this flour produces many types of bacteria and harmful chemicals that are harmful to health. Bread made from it can upset the stomach.

According to the scriptures ..The scriptures also mention not eating stale flour bread. The scriptures say that stale flour is like a body that becomes the home of negative forces. It is also said that stale food is the food of ghosts, which they seem to come to eat. In families that have such a habit, there is always someone sick. So never forget to make flour bread kept in the fridge. The remaining flour should be kept in the fridge overnight.

It is believed that keeping the flour in the fridge in the morning and making its bread can save you time, but doing so is like inviting a ghost into the house. According to the scriptures, the flour kept in the fridge is considered to be the same as the body which is kept for the dead soul after death.

Disease can occur.It is believed that even in families that have such a habit, there is some kind of evil, disease, anger and laziness. The scriptures say that stale food is the food of ghosts and the person who eats it is surrounded by diseases and troubles in his life.

Generally Indian women have a habit of mixing flour for two to three days at a time. However, people are often made aware of this and many religious reasons are considered. But there are many reasons behind it, not just religious ones. What everyone needs to know. Let’s learn about the disadvantages of using refrigerated flour.

There is often a religious belief about knitted flour that keeping flour in the house attracts evil and negative forces like ghosts towards the house. Apart from this keeping the knitted flour in the scriptures is said to be similar to the lump. And dissatisfied souls are attracted to it to feed themselves. Due to which there is a state of unrest, discord and trouble in the home-family.

Apart from this many people believe that only monsters eat stale food. Eating stale food can also lead to tamasic and demonic tendencies in humans. This is because of the fierce brawl between the shopkeeper and the woman in the street, see the live video of the beating towards BBG.

When it is kept in the fridge for hours, harmful rays from the freezer enter it and spoil it. In such a situation, when bread is made from flour kept in the fridge and eaten, it is natural for diseases to occur. Apart from this it is believed that a person who eats stale flour bread may also have gas problem. Also, the bread does not taste like fresh flour bread.

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