Do you also have a habit of listening with earphones? So beware, otherwise you will regret it ..! You too can get this dangerous disease – Gujarati Press

Nowadays time is very advanced, and man is always seen running. Let’s say that many people have a lot of work on the phone, so you often see people using headphones or earphones. Headphones in particular are a device that everyone knows about.

One of the reasons behind this is that most people use it to listen to long stories or, to a large extent, music. When talking or listening to someone with headphones, your hands are free. Let me tell you, the use of these headphones also has a lot of serious effects.

Especially frequent use of headphones invites many diseases inside our body. Diseases like hearing, deafness, lack of sleep, headaches etc. can enter the body. In addition, using headphones often causes hearing problems. Headphones can often cause a fatal accident.

In such a situation today we are going to tell you about the side effects caused by headphones, which allows you to use the ad phone in very small quantities and you can avoid the diseases as well as fatal accidents caused by it. Speaking of which, when we hear anything from the head, a lot of noise comes out from inside the headphones. It also causes great damage to the ears from hearing.

The hearing capacity of our ears is only 30 decibels. This amount is gradually reduced to 30 to 40. In addition to this which causes us to complain of deafness. Sometimes people can’t even hear the sharp sound, because of which such people get into a big accident. Excessive use of headphones also has a very bad effect on our ear plugs.

Because of the frequent, very loud noises, the eardrums constantly vibrate. It also increases the risk of eardrums. Many people have a habit of constantly talking on the phone and listening to music, but it has a bad effect not only on our ears but also on our heart. Not only this, with the advent of old age serious diseases like cancer are also born.

The use of the phone in our daily life can do a lot of damage to our brain, suffering from mental illness due to rapid sensation of music, and sometimes the ability to focus on two things inside the brain, as well as headaches and sleep deprivation. Diseases like this ability also arise. Very few headphones should be used as more use causes more problems and, you cannot hear the sounds of this beautiful world.

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