Do one of these 2 yoga daily, and increase your body’s ability to enjoy happiness, no young lady will leave you.

Yoga gives you the strength to keep your body and mind young at every moment. At the same time it helps you to increase your sex power and make your marital life happier. But it requires constant study. Yoga also helps to increase sex power and make marital life happier. But it requires constant study. So here are the useful yogasanas for maintaining youth and increasing youth power.

Bhadrasana: Regular practice of Bhadrasana increases patience and concentration during intercourse. At the same time, extreme happiness is felt during sex.

Method: Go to a clean environment and stand on a sheet with emphasis on your knees. Bend your right ankle and move it backwards. To keep one’s nipples down. Bend the left ankle and move it backwards. Keep the knees connected to the ground by bending towards each other. Keep the claws attached to the ADO and pull with the nipple. Sit with your whole body resting on your paws and ADO. When inhaling and pulling one’s brain forward. When looking at the nose and the front part to study Bhadrasana. Stay in this normal position as long as possible. Moving the brain upwards. To study Bhadrasana by pulling again. Meditate on the center of the brain with this asana. Which can keep the mind steady and end the stress on the brain.

Halasan: This asana is used to increase sexual energy. This asana strengthens and activates the sex glands of men and women. In this asana, the shape of the body is like a hull, hence it is called Halasan.

Method: First go to bed with back pain. And get the AD-claws. Place the palms of the hands on the ground and bend the elbows at the waist. Now exhale as per convenience. Then slowly lift both legs together. Lift the legs up to the sky with the knees straight and then on the ground lifting the head backwards. Then, with both hands clasped, press the head slightly so that your legs move further back. Make sure the legs are stretched and straight at the knees. Leave this for as long as you can afford. Then gradually increase the duration of this condition from two to five minutes.

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