Do not eat apples at this time even by mistake, otherwise there will be serious illness.

Apples are a very healthy fruit. But it is not advisable to consume anything at any time. If you do not consume apples at the right time, it can have an adverse effect on your health. Not only that, this problem can bother you so much that you may get severe pain in your abdomen.

What apples should not be eaten at:

Consultant dietitian Dr. Ranjana Singh suggests that you should avoid overeating at night. Because, this can make your digestion process very slow and apples can be difficult to digest. After this, you may also experience severe abdominal pain due to constipation or gas. You should eat apples in the morning. So you get all the health benefits.

Benefits of eating apples:

According to dietitian Dr. Ranjana Singh, you can get the following benefits by consuming apples in the morning and in the afternoon.

1-Apples contain fiber, which prevents the formation of cholesterol in your body.

2- If you eat apples in the morning, the fiber present in them can prove to be very beneficial for your stomach. Regular consumption of apples relieves problems like constipation.

3-Apples contain many nutrients that boost the immune system, vitamin-C, etc., which protects you from many diseases.

4- Patients with diabetes can easily consume apples.

5- Eating apples every day can make the arteries of the body function better. Apples are a great source of fiber which helps prevent cholesterol clots from forming. This makes the heart healthy.

6-Eat oily, junk food and overeating which releases many types of toxins in the liver. Eating apples removes all the toxins from the liver.

7- Various researches have now proved that there are many elements in apples which help in preventing cancer cells. Apples should always be eaten with the peel.

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