Cornflour should be consumed with caution, as excessive consumption can cause this type of damage – latest gujarati news

Whether it is soup, pasta or bread, cornflour i.e. corn flour is used a lot in making these items in winter. However in winter corn, millet bread is eaten with great enthusiasm, as it has both taste and health qualities. But you should also know that the benefits come from consuming a limited amount of things. Otherwise, even things that are beneficial to your health can harm you and make you sick. The same applies to cornflour. So, if you consume more corn flour in the form of soup, pasta or bread for taste and warmth, it can cause the following damage to your health.

Harmful to a diabetic patient

Cornflour is high in carbohydrates, for this reason, diabetics are recommended to consume less cornflour. Otherwise it can harm their health. Cornflower is very harmful for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Harmful to the heart

Due to the presence of high cholesterol and high glycemic index in cornflour, its excessive intake can be harmful to your heart. This is because increasing the amount of cholesterol in the body also increases the risk of heart disease.

Weight gain may occur

Cornflour is high in calories. Therefore, consuming too much of it can lead to a thick layer of fat on your body or you may gain weight. Especially those who are already bothered by their increased weight and obesity should consume cornflour very carefully.

Problems with high blood pressure

By using cornflour, it enhances the taste of your food, but too much of it can be harmful to your health. Let me tell you that excessive intake of cornflour can cause high blood pressure in the body. Therefore caution is required.

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