Cases of heart attack are on the rise these days, why is this happening? Find out the reason ..

You may have heard a lot about heart attack these days. Recently, many celebs and the general public have died of heart attacks. At the same time, cases of heart attack are on the rise. Now people are also giving different reasons for heart attack, including corona virus. If you also feel that the number of heart attack cases is increasing these days, let us tell you why this is happening.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the opinion of a doctor as to what is the reason behind heart attack and due to which cases of heart attack are increasing nowadays. So let us know what is the reason behind heart attack.

Why are heart attack cases on the rise? Manipal Hospital’s health specialist Dr. about the increasing cases of heart attack. Bipin Dubey told AIR News that it is true that cases of heart attack have already increased. Dr. Dubey also said, “In urban areas, cases of heart attack used to be two and a half to three per cent, which is now six per cent. Indeed, lifestyle has changed a lot, diet has changed a lot and this is a common reason for increasing heart attack.

What are the signs of a heart attack? Dr. Bipin Dubey says that heaviness in the chest is its symptom. Often when a chest tightness occurs people understand that we will not have a heart attack. But, this is just a myth. Most heart attacks have no obvious pain. There is only tension and heaviness in the chest. Second, if you have difficulty breathing while running, walking, or climbing stairs, these are also symptoms of a heart attack.

The doctor said, ‘Third, if you feel that your heart is beating abnormally, you sweat profusely whenever you are tired, this is also a symptom. If you think you are going to faint or feel dizzy, it may indicate a heart problem or even a stroke. Get tested immediately if all these symptoms appear.

Can you get tested? : The doctor said about the test, ‘In the examination you should take ECG test with the advice of your doctor. The first ECG is normal when a heart patient arrives at the hospital after a heart attack, so doctors always recommend an ECG test two hours later, four hours later. We call this serial ECG. After two hours, nine hours or twelve hours, something appears in the ECG report of 80% of patients. ECG is normal in most heart patients. In this case, there is another test, called an echocardio lamb. The third test is the blood test, which we call troponin. So this summary must be examined.

What causes a silent heart attack? About the silent heart attack, the doctor says, ’50 percent of heart attacks come suddenly. If 100 patients had a heart attack, only 50 percent of them would already have some symptoms. Heart attack is the leading cause of immediate death, called arrhythmia. In which the heartbeat becomes abnormal, in this condition instant death occurs. Another heart block occurs. This causes the heart to close completely.

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