Can you see the two animals hiding in this photo? 99.93% failed

You too may have experienced delusions many times. Sometimes even what we see with our own eyes proves to be wrong. It often happens that what is being seen by the eyes is not actually what it is! And often the thing that is not visible to the naked eye is actually it. Which can also be called eye illusion. A similar optical illusion has gone viral on social media, with the challenge being to find the two animals hidden in the image, the rat or the cat.

A picture of this optical illusion has been shared by a Twitter user which looks like a design. The caption with the picture reads, “How your brain works! You will see a cat or a mouse in this design pattern. But it is not part of this design, it is just an illusion of the eyes, an illusion created by your mind and it depends on the function of your brain. If you also see animals in the picture, please comment and let us know ”.

The picture shows that the design is made up of white and black stripes, in which two animals are hidden. However finding animals from the pattern is not an easy task. Your eyes will get tired of searching for animals and your brain will also get dizzy. Yet millions have accepted and tried this challenge. However most people have failed to make the challenge a success. It is also suggested to scroll the screen back and forth to find the hidden animals in the picture. One person said that he managed to find the rat and highlighted it and shared the picture. It depends on his brain.

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