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Call of Juarez Gunslinger Walkthrough

As a first person shooter, Call of Juarez Gunslinger offers 14 linear levels, which are based on popular Western themes such as a ghost town, a mine, canyons, etc. Between the levels, the action is in black, white and red, only partially animated Still images told. The game offers three game modes, in addition to the campaign, an arcade and a duel mode. In the arcade mode, modified levels are played over time in order to achieve the highest possible points.

Despite the discreetly inserted cel shading , Gunslinger has a realistic look. During the game, kills, special forms of killing, long-range shots, etc. score points that can be expanded into combos. In a menu, these can then be invested in attributes in order to unlock special skills, better handling of different weapons and special weapons. After playing through the game for the first time, you can restart with the skills you have already acquired under “New Game Plus” and you will also be given a further level of difficulty. Call of Juarez Gunslinger itself offers variety through elements such as quick-time events or bullet-time effects.

In all levels, 54 so-called nuggets of truth are hidden, which can be called up under a menu item, describe historical facts about the people and events shown and show historical photographs. Ironically, these historically correct descriptions sometimes contradict the game itself, which is deliberately kept clichéd.

The special thing about the game is that it follows the descriptions and memories of the protagonist in its plot and presentation. This has a tendency towards exaggeration, contradictions or memory gaps , which is noticeable in the gaming experience. Objections from the audience also become noticeable, which means that the narrator often changes his story while playing. For example, Silas Greaves mentions how he was suddenly surrounded by Apaches, although they did not play a role in this level. When asked about it, he changes his story, the game rewinds, and he mentions how he was surrounded by cowboys who attacked “like Apaches”. The depicted Indians become cowboys again.

Dialogues between the narrator and the audience take place during the game. While Silas goes to the toilet to “choke the one-eyed snake”, the game continues, but as a player you are then caught in an endless loop and walk through the same wagon again and again in this level. At the same time you can listen to the conversation of the audience as they argue about the truthfulness and the person of the narrator. The game often offers such elements, with rewinding, exchanging characters, showing scenes from different perspectives, always when Silas Greaves gets caught up in contradictions or is caught in an apparent lie. The representation in the game together with the description is interesting for the player. For example when Silas Greaves describes.

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