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Bilina leaves and fruits are mostly used by people for worship. Billipatras are especially used for mounting on Shivling. But have you ever had a boil of billiards? Yes, there are many medicinal properties hidden in the decoction of billiards, which can be helpful in eliminating many diseases. Billiards decoction is especially beneficial for diabetics. Billipatra is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the method of boiling the bill and its many benefits.

Billiards boiling for diabetes

You can drink a decoction of billiards to control blood sugar in the body. To prepare this decoction, extract the juice of baby leaves. Now put this juice in 1 cup of water and boil it well. After that, strain it into this cup and drink it with honey drops according to your taste. This decoction lowers the sugar in your body. Patients with diabetes should take this decoction twice a day. Drinking this decoction can control blood sugar level to a great extent, which may prove to be good for diabetics.

Get rid of white spots

In addition to controlling diabetes, it can also be effective in removing white spots. In fact, the vine contains an element called psoralen, which helps you increase your skin’s ability to tolerate the sun. Apart from this it also contains carotene, which helps in lightening the white spots.

Eliminates eczema

You can take decoction made from cumin and bilberry leaves to remove itching and blemishes on the skin like eczema. Take 1 cup of water for this. Add a few billipat leaves. Now boil this water well. Then drink this boiled tea. This can relieve eczema.

Relief from hair problems

Hair problems can also be eliminated by using billiards. For this, mix a little camphor in the juice of billipat and apply it on the hair like oil. It can get rid of dandruff in hair. As well as other hair problems can also be removed.

Cleanses the blood

Drinking boiled hair purifies the blood. It acts as a detoxifier in your body. In addition, eating ripe fruits and honey of the child also purifies the blood.

Strengthens the heart

Eating decoctions made from billiards strengthens the heart. With this the risk of heart attack can also be eliminated. If you have heart problems, take this decoction three times a day.

More fever

Due to the changing weather these days people are facing the problem of fever. You can drink hair decoction to get rid of the problems caused by viral fever. Get rid of fever and infection by drinking boiled hair

Use Billy the other way

Billiards can be used to remove body odor. For this, extract the juice from the leaves of the baby. Now apply this juice on your body and leave it to dry for a while. Then you take a shower. It will make you feel refreshed. At the same time body odor can be removed.

Drink boiled baby leaves in water to cure mouth ulcers. This cools your body. As well as the heat of the mouth will be removed. Apart from this rinsing with this water can also give you a lot of relief.

Billing is of special importance in Ayurveda. You can use it to solve many problems. But keep in mind that you don’t need to eat a lot of billiards. This can increase your anxiety.

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