Big blast in Grishma murder case: – Accused Fenil’s lawyer once again made a sharp argument in court .., said, daughter’s body by 6 o’clock Gujarati – Gujarati Press

The incident of innocent daughter like a flower made inside Surat had echoes in Gujarat. Let me tell you that what happened inside Surat on 12th February and Saturday was a very humane event. Teva is currently on trial inside the court over the whole incident. What is special is that the proceedings have been going on inside the court for the last few days. The testimony of all the witnesses of the scene of the innocent daughter like a flower is also being taken.

In which day after day arguments are going on between the lawyers of both the parties about how the innocent daughter like a flower and the accused Funil are not. Notably, District Public Prosecutor Nayan Sukhadwala, who is fighting the case of Masoom Dikri Grishma, had made very sharp arguments a few days back. Very effective arguments were also made by the defense counsel in Teva.

A trial was also going on inside the court on Tuesday, during the trial in the murder case of innocent daughter like a flower in public in Pasodra area inside Surat, during the trial, defense lawyer Zamir Sheikh argued on Tuesday, adding that postmortem was indeed done. Doubts arise as to what is. Looking at the record in particular, it is shown that the body reached inside the postmortem room around 6 o’clock.

However, the prosecutor argued sharply that while the 108 ambulance driver testified that the body had reached the PM’s room for postmortem around 7 p.m. Who was the one whose postmortem was done? Such arguments were made by the defense. In that case, the defense counsel further argued that what the government party still wants to do ??

He argued why the investigation was completed by filing a chargesheet within six days. He further states that Phenyl was stoned when she arrived at her daughter’s society, causing Grimash to be held there as a shield, and prosecutors said that whatever happened was in provocation.

What is special is that he further argued that Zamir Sheikh had further argued that the prosecution’s Vitnesh was lying. Uncle also says that he did not know about the friendship between Feniel and Greece. Other witnesses and witnesses say they all went to Fennell’s house to persuade him not to pursue her. Uncle knew everything.

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