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There are still some wonders in this world which are the center of attraction of people due to some of their peculiarities. There is a mysterious Shiva Ghodi cave falling in the inaccessible path of Baba Amarnath ‘Barfani’. According to the ancient religious texts, it is said that whatever goes into it never returns.

This mysterious cave is one of the many places in our country whose mystery is still unsolved. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, this cave is about 150 meters long. Divided into two parts, the cave has a natural Shivling of Lord Shiva on one side.

Right above this Shivling, i.e. on the roof of the cave, a cow-like shape has been created, due to which milky liquid keeps falling on the Shivling. Some people call it cow’s milk while some call it cow’s blessing. It is said that even today Lord Shiva resides in this cave.

This miraculous cave is on the route of Amarnath Yatra, so a large number of devotees come here. But the most special is the other part of this cave which is completely closed. It is said that what went into this second part never came back. The cave is completely dark. Its width is said to be 1 meter. It is said that the other end of this cave opens directly towards the cave of Baba Amarnath.

According to an ancient legend, devotees used to go to Amarnath through this cave till Dwapar Yuga. But after the beginning of Kali Yuga, whoever entered this cave never came back. This is why the cave has been closed. People say that 5 monks showed courage and went to the closed cave but did not return. It is said that he met God and merged with Him.

But did you know that Shiva does not live in Amarnath cave but in some other cave! Yes, there is another Shiva cave before Amarnath, which has the religious beliefs of Lord Shiva’s family. What is this cave and what is its significance, let us know.

Lord Shiva is sitting here. Reasi district is located some distance from Jammu in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The district has a Shiva Ghodi cave, which is said to be the home of Lord Shiva. It is one of the main places of worship of Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva is sitting in this cave and the other end of this cave opens in Amarnath cave.

The length of the cave .. The length of this holy cave Shiva Ghodi is said to be 150 meters. Inside this cave is a 4 feet high Shivling of Lord Shiva Shankar. Naturally a stream of holy water always falls on this Shivling. Pindis are also installed in this cave along with Shivlings. These pindis are worshiped as Shiva, Mother Parvati, Lord Kartikeya and Ganapati.

This cave was built by Shiva himself. It is believed that Shiva fulfills all the desires of his devotees with the family sitting in the form of pindi in the cave. There is a religious legend that this cave was built by Lord Shankara himself. The reason for building this cave was to teach a lesson to Bhasmasur.

The demon went to devour Shiva. According to ancient legend, Bhasmasura pleased Lord Shiva by performing severe penance. He asked Shiva for the blessing that whoever puts his hand on his head should consume it. Shiva gave him the blessing that immediately the demon ran to burn Shiva.

Lord Shiva had to hide .. To get rid of Bhasmasur, Lord Shiva started looking for a place where Bhasmasur could not find him. Then Shiva made a cave between the mountains and hid in it. The cave that Shiva built himself is called Shiva Ghodi Cave.

Vishnu expelled Shiva .. Seeing Lord Shiva thus hidden in the cave, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and approached Bhasmasur to attract him. Seeing Mohini’s form, Bhasmasur forgot everything and fell in love and started dancing with Mohini. During the dance he placed his hand on his head and consumed it with his hand. After Bhasmasura had consumed himself, Lord Shiva came out of the cave.

Don’t see the end .. The end of this cave built by Shiva is not visible. It is believed that anyone who goes to the cave after seeing the Shivlings and pindis located in this cave never comes back. It is said that inside the cave it is divided into two parts, one end of which opens into the Amarnath cave and the other end is not known. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself is seated inside the cave.

The way to reach Shiva Ghodi’s cave .. You can take a route from either Jammu or Katra to get to this Shiva Ghodi cave. The distance from Jammu to Ransu is about 140 kms and from Katra 80 kms. Then one has to climb about 3 to 4 km from Ransu to reach Shiva Ghodi cave. People who have difficulty walking can carry mules.

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