Bhabhiji is at home. Hey, Tiwariji’s daughter is very hot.

The comedy TV serial ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ has been airing since 2015 and is still a hot favorite of viewers. The TV serial features more than one character, from Rohitashwa Gaur as Manmohan Tiwari to Asif Sheikh as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra. Today we are going to tell you about the important character of this TV serial Rohitashwa Gaur. Rohitashwa, who has been in the TV industry for almost a decade and a half, is known for his tremendous comedy. The actor has also acted in many films but his real identity came from the TV serial ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’.

Rohitashwa has been seen in many popular TV serials like Laptaganj, Jassu Ben Jayantilal etc. before. However, today we will tell you about an interview given by Rohit Shwe in which he said that he does not want his daughter to work in the TV industry.

Yes, according to Rohitashwa, he does not want his daughter Geeti to work in daily soaps and TV serials because, as he says, the scope of working here is very limited. Rohitashwa wants his daughter to work in content-oriented cinema where there is a lot to learn and do.

Let me tell you that a video of Rohitashwa and Geeti also went viral some time back. Many celebrities commented on the video and filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani told Rohitashwan, “Your daughter is talented, pay attention to her talent”.

Let me tell you that Manmohan keeps sharing videos with his daughters. They dance to popular songs and the interesting thing is that their videos get good response from the fans. “I was very impressed to see the video of Prince Hirani’s blast,” Rohitashwa said in an interview. He asked Rohitashwa to pay attention to his daughter’s talent.

By the way, Getty has been seen in a music video I Will Always Blindly Love You. Apart from this, she has also been the second runner up of Times Fresh Face. Geeti Gaur is no less than any Bollywood star in terms of her beauty and style. Geeti is a model. She has posted many stylish glamorous pics on her Instagram. Which you will see.

Let me tell you that Geeti has also won the title of Second Runner Up in the year 2019 in Fresh Face of Times. Manmohan Tiwari i.e. actor Rohitesh Gaur’s daughter Geeti Gaur is very stylish and hot in real life. You can guess by looking at this picture of him.

Geeti is a great dancer and she also shares videos of her dance on social media. Her father Rohitesh also sometimes joins his daughter in dance videos. Gita is very beautiful. Her sleek figure and sharp face are like her mother. Geeti’s mother and Rohitash’s wife are research scholars.

Rohitash’s two daughters are very beautiful and both are interested in dance. His youngest daughter’s name is Sangeet Gaur. Not only Rohtash’s daughter, his wife is also very beautiful. Her real life partner’s name is Rekha Gaur. Although Rekha does not act in movies or TV shows, she remains active on social media and shares her funny and dancing videos.

Rohtash has shared many similar videos of Rekha on his Instagram. In this video, it can be seen that she gives a bang to her husband in terms of acting.

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