Beware of pizza and burger eaters! The immune system, which protects against diseases, only harms the body, know in detail

The fast growing trend of fast food around the world poses other dangers besides obesity. Eating and drinking like pizza and burgers only harms the immune system. The claim was made in a recent study by the Francis Creek Institute in London.

In a report in the Daily Mail, the research said that cases of autoimmune diseases are now on the rise in many Asian countries, along with Western ones. It is a disease in which the immune system, which protects the body from diseases, seems to damage the organs. Researcher James Lynn says fast food, such as pizza and burgers, is also the cause of the rise in autoimmune cases. Due to the increase in this type of food, cases of disease are found in the country. Cases of inflammation are on the rise in Asian countries, where sometimes it is not heard. This is a disease associated with the stomach. Eating and drinking are largely responsible for this.

Eating Disorders: The Immune System
Carolla Vanella, another researcher, says that fast food, such as pizza and burgers, changes the way the immune system works. This system gets confused. To put it bluntly, the immune system cannot distinguish between healthy and diseased cells, so cases of autoimmune disease are on the rise. This is because of the research done on the connection between the disease and the autoimmune system.

According to researchers, autoimmune diseases include diseases such as inflammatory diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. In such a condition the immune system seems to damage the organs of the body. What is the main cause of this disease, scientists have not been able to find out, but there are some facts. Which increases the risk of developing such diseases. Like this fast food too.

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