Before Shah Rukh Khan, this Gujarati man was the owner of Mannat Bungalow, find out the wonderful story of selling this 200 crore bungalow – Gujarat Info Portal

If we take the name of Bollywood, the name of Shah Rukh Khan comes first and if we take the name of Shah Rukh, his bungalow Mannat is mentioned. Everyone who goes to Mumbai also comes with a picture in front of Mannat. Even on normal days, there is a crowd of around two hundred to five hundred people in front of Shah Rukh’s house. The Mannat Bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai is a symbol of luxury. But there will be hardly any worries about who lived here before Shah Rukh. So let’s find out.

Mannat Bungalow was formerly known as Villa Vienna. Its original owner was Keku Gandhi. Who was a Parsi person of Gujarati origin. Kekuji was a famous craftsman and galleryist. The building next to Villa Vienna was called Keki Manzil. It also belonged to the same Gujarati owner. Kekuji’s grandfather Manekji lived in Batliwala Keki Manzil. His son i.e. Keku Gandhi’s mother lived in Villa Vienna i.e. Mannat Bungalow.

Due to financial loss, Manekji Batliwala leased the Villa Vienna and his entire family moved to Keki Manzil. The villa eventually became owned by a man named Nariman Dubash of Vienna. Shah Rukh Khan bought the house from Nariman Dubash for Rs 13.32 crore.

It is said that Shah Rukh Khan had to persuade Dubash to sell the house. Because Shah Rukh Khan was eager to buy that bungalow because of its location and area etc. Initially, Shah Rukh wanted to name his new home Jannat. But once he bought a house, all his wishes came true and he named his house Mannat.

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