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There are many rich people in the world who run after wealth. But very few people have the money to help others. We are proud that there are donors in our country who understand the plight of the people and come forward to help them. Today we are going to tell you about one such donor.

You may have heard that many companies help their family in the event of an employee’s death. But the company we are talking about not only helped his family after the death of his employee but also changed his life. We are talking about Vaidyanathan, MD & CEO, IDFC First Bank.

After the death of an employee of V Vaidyanathan’s company, he came forward to help the family of the deceased employee. CEO V Vaidyanath gave his 5 lakh shares to help the family of his deceased employee. Let me tell you that the value of these shares is around Rs 2 crore.

In a notice sent to the stock exchanges on Thursday, IDFC First Bank said it had given 5 lakh shares of the bank to the bank’s MD and CEO V Vaidyanath to help the family of the deceased colleague by showing his generosity. The stock is worth more than the current Rs 2.1 crore

Let me tell you that V Vaidyanath has often helped people in this way. He is already famous for his generosity. He continues to help his staff, trainers, housekeepers and drivers. He has also helped his employees buy cars and houses. Apart from this he keeps giving shares in the form of gifts for the education and financial security of the children.

According to media reports, Vaidyanathan has so far gifted more than 9 lakh shares to help his employees. Its value is more than Rs 3.95 crore. Known for helping the needy, Vaidyanath was gifted 430,000 shares in the year 2018 to his family members and people working here.

One of the most special things about Vaidyanathan is that he never forgets any favors. Today, even though he spends crores of rupees to help others, there was a time when he and his family were facing financial crisis. Born into a simple family in Chennai, Vaidyanathan struggled a lot in his early life.

Vaidyanathan, who completed his studies from government schools, passed the entrance examination of Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi. He then had to go to Ranchi for counseling. It was in his hands to study hard but the financial condition of the house was not so good that he could take a ticket and go to Ranchi.

In such a situation, a teacher of his school helped Vaidyanathan. He took Rs.500 from his teacher and went to Ranchi for counseling. Vaidyanathan continued to fight struggles in life and reached the pinnacle of success. Time passed but still he did not forget his teacher who helped him.

Vaidyanathan took this help from his math teacher and he always remembered him. After becoming financially prosperous, Vaidyanathan started searching for his teacher. He asked many people about that teacher. Eventually IDFC Bank staff found out that their math teacher lives in Agra. After this Vaidyanatha contacted his teacher and thanked him and gave him a gift of one lakh shares.

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