Anupama: Vanraj made a plan to break Anuj-Anupama’s marriage, this person will support …

The TV serial ‘Anupama’ continues to dominate the TRP list. Fans were waiting for Anuj-Anupama’s wedding. The next day, Anu announced her marriage to Anuj in front of everyone. Regardless of who he was, he decided to hold Anuj’s hand forever.

The next episode of Anupama will show that Anuj is going to Udaipur for work. Babuji asks Anu to come with him as his stay will cause a commotion in the house. Anuj and Anu are very happy to go to Udaipur together. Anu tells her to focus on the work and decides to see it for herself.

In Anupama’s absence, Rakhi arrives at Shah House to take care of Kinjal. Rakhi accused Anu of going on honeymoon with Anuj before marriage. Kinjal says that Babuji gave permission for this. Rakhi Vanraj and Bane say to annoy that Udaipur destination is famous for wedding, what will happen if Anupama-Anuj gets married there.

Vanraj and Baa were shocked and annoyed to hear Rakhi Dave talking. Ba cries in front of her son that Anupama is not understanding her. She says Anupama does not understand that society will not accept her relationship. Ba says he will bow his head in front of people because of it.

Here Anupama tells Summer about Abhimanyu-Akshara’s engagement. After this he starts dreaming of his engagement with Anuj. At the same time, Vanraj asks Rakhi to do something so that Anupama moves out of the marriage. Vanraj shakes hands with Rakhi so that they can stop their marriage together.

Anupama mega twist: Vanraj will get the first card of Anuj-Anupama’s wedding, a new turn will come in the story …

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