Anupama twist: Fans are mad after watching this video of Anupama and Anuj’s romance, said …

Holi is on March 18 and now the celebrations and colors of Holi also appear in TV shows. Almost every daily soap has a special track plan for Holi, which also has many twists. One of these shows is ‘Anupama’, in which fans are going to see a romance between a lead couple on Holi. Fans have gone mad over the ‘Holi romance’ between Anupama and Anuj and are reacting on Twitter.

The promo of Anupama’s Holi special episode has come out, in which Anupama and Anuj are standing in front of Bhagwan. Anupama holds a Holi colored plate in her hand. Just then, Anuj accidentally crashes and a plate of paints falls from Anupama’s hand. Anupama’s forehead turns red when the plate falls. This red color is depicted as vermilion.

Seeing this, this video of Anupama and Anuj’s romance has gone viral on Twitter. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna are playing these two roles in this show. The chemistry between them is very much liked by the fans. At the same time, the show has been No. 1 in TRP since its launch. Rajan Shahi is producing ‘Anupama’.

It has been in full swing for the last few days. The Holika Dahan program held on March 16 saw extreme heat. Seeing Anupama working in Shah House, Anuj gets angry. Anuj scolds Anupama and says that he is not here to work but to take care of Kinjal.

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