Anupama: Toshu is very angry about Anuj-Anupama’s marriage, Leela said, take all the money but leave the money to buy poison …

The TV serial Anupama maintains its dominance in the TRP race every time. Anu and Anuj’s wedding preparations have started. Anuj wants a luxurious marriage, but Anu wants a simple marriage. Both talk about this. Anuj agrees with him and agrees to marry simply.

The next episode of Anupama will show that Malvika, Anu’s mother is involved in the preparations for Anuj-Anupama’s wedding. Anupama gets emotional seeing everyone like this. Babuji returns all the money to Leela. Kavya and Vanraj ask that both have annulled the marriage. Babuji says no.

Summer tries to persuade Pakhi to attend Anupama’s wedding. Summer tells him that they should fight for Anupama and not with him. The bird gets confused thinking about this. Here Paritosh’s friend comes to his house and sees Anuj and Anupama together. At Anupama’s second marriage, he mocks Paritosh. Toshu gets angry at this.

Kinjal is very happy to see Summer explain this way. She asks Summer for help so she can explain to Paritosh. Here Paritosh gets very angry after listening to his friend and beats him. Anuj-Anupama prevents a fight between the two. Toshu is very angry about their marriage and says that the family has to face humiliation every day because of this marriage.

By now you may have seen Anupama removing all the ornaments in front of Ba Babuji and saying that our situation is the same. Leela says spend all the money and jewelry, but leave a penny to buy poison. Ba says they will all be on the road after her wedding.

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