Anupama: The 17 year old story of ‘Anupama’ will come on OTT platform, information about the prequel given by Rupali Ganguly …

Star Plus’ super hit show Anupama is the most popular show on the small screen. Due to its popularity, the show often tops the TRP list. Now there is news for the fans of this show which will make them happy. You are watching Anupama’s current story in the serial, but there is a part of Anupama’s life that many people are unaware of.

This unheard of story of Anupama is now going to be released as a series on OTT platform. The name of the show is Anupama – Namaste America. The story of the show is from 2007, when Anupama was 28 years old.

Actress Rupali Ganguly, who is playing the role of Anupama in the serial, has shared the promo of Anupama-Namaste America series, in which she says- “Life itself gives us many opportunities to do something in life, to become something.

Then make it a beautiful story of your choice that you forget about the occasion as a joke. There was such an opportunity in my life many years ago, an opportunity to become an actor. Then if I had been scared, if I had lost, I would not have stood in front of you as your incomparable.

17 years ago, Anupama had such an opportunity in her life, to live her dreams, to create her own identity, to change her life with her talent. The story is so special, no one has ever heard of it. So I thought why not tell this special story in a special place. Anupama – Hello America. A very special show that will only air on Disney Plus Hotstar. An unknown story from 17 years ago that changed the life of 28 year old Anupama.

The show has been airing on Disney Plus Hotstar since April 25. This prequel mini series will have 11 episodes. However, the star cast and other details are still awaited.

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