Anupama: Seasons in Shah family! For Anupama, her daughter Pakhi will do dirty things, this side will keep Kavya away from Shah family.

The TV serial Anupama is seeing a lot of interesting drama in the Shah family. Family drama has once again come to the fore and now Anupama’s marriage has become a topic of discussion. Anupama is in the limelight once again. Vanraj’s full attention on Anuj and Anupama is piercing Kavya’s eyes. Now Rakhi is very excited to take advantage of this situation and sprinkle salt on Kavya’s wound.

Interestingly, Rakhi questions Kavya’s pregnancy and motherhood. And this will be the turning point when Kavya will be forced to leave Shah House. Kavya, feeling victimized, chooses her new path and starts a war on the contrary. The truth behind Rakhi’s strategy is that he wants to isolate Kavya and Vanraj and make Vanraj alone.

Rakhi wants Vanraj to get upset after seeing Anuj and Anupama and now she is doing a lot to carry out her game plan. Let’s see what form of Vanraj the viewers will see in the story.

Things are getting worse for Anupama as her own children are abusing her. Pakhi has gone to the extent of shamelessness by tagging Anupama as ‘shameful’. Anupama is facing many difficulties in coping with the current situation, but she has become stronger to fight for her love. Thus there is a fierce confrontation between Anupama and her daughter Pakhi.

In the next story, you will see Pakhi’s dirty allegations against Anupama, to which Anupama will answer later. This time Anupama is determined to marry Anuj at any cost, will Pakhi go too far this time?

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