Anupama proposed marriage to Anuj, Anuj hugged Anupama; Vanraj and Ba were shocked …

The moment that fans have been waiting for in the superhit TV serial Anupama is about to come. Anuj will ask Anuj for marriage in front of everyone. Yes. Today’s episode is going to be terrific. After the Anu dance performance, he will put his heart’s desire in front of everyone. Vanraj and Baa will be surprised to hear this.

The next episode of Anupama will show that Anupama dances remembering Anuj. Then Anuj comes and he is happy to see her. Seeing Anuj, Anupama announces her marriage to him. Anuj’s happiness did not last long. At the same time, Vanraj, Lila, Pakhi, Rakhi and Paritosh are in shock.

Bapuji, Dolly, Samar, Devika and Kinjal are very happy with Anupama’s decision. Anuj goes on stage and Anu tells him that he is ready to get married. Happily, Summer hugs her mother. The smile does not leave Anuj’s face.

Babuji tells Anupama that even though he could not win the dance competition, he has won the trophy of life. She is happy. Summer says she was looking forward to this moment more than Anuj. Dolly is also happy with her decision. Anupama proposes to Anuj and Anuj hugs her.

What is Rupali Ganguly doing on Anupama’s set at 3 pm; After watching the video, the fans said, the whole world is sleeping and you …


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