Anupama mega twist: Anuj-Anupama’s mother, Vanraj will get angry and cross the line in the fire of revenge …

Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey starrer famous TV show ‘Anupama’ has now taken on the color of Holi. Anupama and Anuj are very excited about their first Holi. Together they are going to shatter the pride of Vanraj Shah. But Vanraj will also take revenge.

Last day we saw that on the occasion of Holi Anupama wants her Kanha i.e. Anuj to get the first color but Vanraj tries to paint her in which she fails. After this Anupama locks herself in the room and waits for Anuj. Now to escape the forest, he will go out of the house using the lead.

Anupama will walk around wearing a sheet and will wait for Anuj to come. Anuj, on the other hand, will also come to paint Anupama wearing a helmet and raincoat. The two will run desperately to meet each other. Meanwhile, this romantic scene between the two will also immerse every fan in the fun of Holi. The two will paint each other in their respective colors.

After painting each other on Holi, the two will throw paint on Vanraj who is waiting for Anupama on the sofa. Seeing this, Vanraj will get angry. He will tell you how these people win every time. Now Vanraj will burn in the fire of teaching both of them a lesson.

On this occasion Anupama and Vanraj will also paint the Lord. Both will pray to God to receive their love. At the same time, after the pooja, the color plate will fall on top of the incomparable and its demand will be filled with color. On which Anuj will say that now God is pointing something towards him.

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