Anupama: Kavya will also give divorce to Vanraj, Toshu will spread her hand against Rakhi again …

The story of serial ‘Anupama’ is getting more and more interesting with time. Anupama is ready to fly her dreams. Anupama will not give up even after family and age sorcery. Anupama will fight with the world to bring Anuj into her life.

By now you may have seen Toshu beating his friend in the serial ‘Anupama’. Toshu’s act has caused a stir in the Shah family. Malvika, on the other hand, expels Toshu Vanraj and Kavya from his company. Malvika declared that no one can stop the marriage of Anuj and Anupama. In the meantime, there is going to be a tremendous twist in the story of serial incomparability.

In the next episode of the serial ‘Anupama’, you will see that Anupama will try to talk to Toshu after the fight. Toshu will attack Anupama once again. After arguing with Anupama, Toshu will fight with Kinjal. Toshu will repeatedly tell Anupama that his and Anuj’s marriage is wrong. Kinjal would advise Toshu to change his thinking.

Vanraj will soon realize that his planning has been disrupted. Vanraj will tear up his and Malvika’s partnership papers. In such a scenario, it will be interesting to see how Vanraj avenges his insults from Malvika and Anuj.

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