Anupama: Anurag’s demand for Anupama on Holi was kept by Vanraj, fans are happy to see Anuj Anupama’s romance …

The TV serial ‘Anupama’ is completely dyed in the colors of Holi. This is the first Holi with Anupama and Anuj. Both are very excited about taking it. But Vanraj is adamant that he will not allow these two to merge. On the one hand, Anupama is getting ready to hug Anuj, on the other hand, Vanraj is sitting at the door of the house with a chair that will not let Anuj in under any circumstances. So Anupama and Anuj have promised each other that they will paint each other first.

Anupama, already excited about Vanraj’s plans, stands outside her room and wants to paint Anupama in front of Anuj. But Anupama will understand that Vanraj is out and he will start lying to Vanraj. So, to protect himself from the colors of others, Anuj will come on the bike wearing a helmet so that no one else can paint him.

In the coming episode you will see that Anuj mistakenly turns Gulal’s plate and Anupama’s demand is filled with colors. There will be many romantic moments between the two. Both will be lost when they hit each other. Anupama-Anuj fans are happy to see this scene on social media. People are commenting on it and writing ‘Lal Ishq’.

At the same time, the show will be seen even after the fight between the two couples is over. Toshu and Kinjal will also come closer on Holi. Toshu will take care of Kinjal and also apologize to Kinjal for saying such things in anger. So the distance between Vanraj and Kavya will also decrease there. Kavya will take all the food items for Vanraj as Vanraj does not celebrate Holi. Kavya will say that she wants to drink marijuana but Vanraj will not let her talk. The distance between Vanraj and Kavya will begin to erase

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