Anupama: Anupama proposed for marriage, Vanraj made this plan to break up the marriage, find out further …

Another new twist is coming in the popular TV show ‘Anupama’. Due to Vanraj, Anuj and Anupama may get away. Upcoming episodes will show that Vanraj will try to complete his plan with Rakhi. About which Anuj and Anupama are still unaware.

Viewers are liking Star Plus show incomparably. But a new twist is coming to the show. In the episode so far, the viewers have seen that after waiting for Anuj for a long time, Anupama goes on stage to dance at the behest of everyone. However, Anuj arrives by the time Anupama’s dance is over. Where Anupama is very happy to see Anuj. At the same time, now the makers are going to bring a big twist in the next episode.

In the March 26 episode, Anupama is going to propose marriage to Anuj. Seeing all this happening in the show, wind blows from the faces of Anupama’s ex-husband i.e. Vanraj Shah and Bana. Seeing the sudden proposal, Anuj also wonders why and how all this is happening. Anuj does not believe that this is a real dream.

However, in the midst of all this, Anuj agrees to marry Anupama. But today there are tweets that Anuj gets a job only after agreeing to get married, so will today’s episode show that Anuj will leave the show?

Apart from this, in today’s show, Anupama tells Summer about Abhimanyu-Akshara’s engagement. He then starts dreaming of his engagement with Anuj. At the same time, Vanraj asks Rakhi to do something so that Anupama withdraws from the marriage. Vanraj shakes hands with Rakhi so that they can stop their marriage together.

Here in Anupama’s absence Rakhi Shah arrives at Anupama’s house to take care of Kinjal. Rakhi had accused Anupama of going on a honeymoon before marrying Anuj. While Kinjal Rakhi says that Babuji gave permission for this. Rakhi Vanraj and Bane say to annoy that Udaipur destination is famous for wedding, what will happen if Anupama-Anuj gets married there.

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