Anupama: Anupama, disturbed by sorcery, will speak the truth, listen to it and Vanraj’s senses fly

The latest track of TV serial Anupama has stopped at Anuj-Anupama’s wedding. The matter has reached such a point that now Anupama also wants to marry Anuj Kapadia. Earlier, she was also annoyed with his name being associated with Anuj Kapadia.

Now he is ready to rebel against his family for the sake of his love. In the last episode of Anupama, it was shown that Baa, Vanraj, Rakhi Dave and Pakhi together insult Anupama. Meanwhile, a new promo of this serial has been released by the producers. In this promo, Anupama is seen giving the right answer to everyone.

The promo has been released on Star Plus’ official Instagram account. The new promo of Rupali Ganguly’s show is going viral on social media. In the promo, Anupama is clearly saying that she will not listen to anyone anymore and will stay only after marrying Anuj.

Not only that, she is openly saying that now her family is causing her shame. Listening to Anupama’s words, one can see Ba ​​and Vanraj’s hosh flying.

Ormax lists the top 10 TV shows every week. The list is based on the reactions of fans on social media. In this list, Rupali Ganguly’s show has got a place in the top 5. Anupama is second on the list, while Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma has won this time.

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