Anuj will be shocked to see the annoyed Anupama silent, threatening and saying he will not tolerate anymore …

Today in the TV show ‘Anupama’ you will see that Anuj will call Ba, Vanraj and Kavya poisonous and tell them to go home with him. Bapuji will try to handle the situation. Anuj will say that he does not like this house because this house is trying to snatch Anupama from him. Anuj will say that this house is robbing Anupama of her happiness in a discriminatory way.

Anuj will request Anupama to go home with him. But Anupama will explain to him and he will go home. Rakhi Dave will scold Anupama about Anuj and say that grandmother is not getting married. On the other hand, GK will tell what Anuj said in a state of intoxication. Ba will start dancing in anger against Anupama. Anupama will stop Bane and say that if he remarries people will cast lots on him and ruin the family life. On this Bapuji will say that earlier he was asking Anuj and Anupama to get married. But Ba will say in reply that one mother was getting married then and now when the grandmother gets married people will question her marriage.

Ba would say that at this age only men can get married but not women. Ba will say that every woman has a working time. Ba will say that the princess gets married but the grandmother does not. Ba will say that grandmother is proud, has a status in the society. The grandmother lives not for herself but for her grandchildren and the day she starts living for herself, she will disappear like an incomparable.

Ba will say that she was saying yes by putting a stone on her heart for a mother’s second marriage, but she was not happy for her grandmother’s marriage. Ba will say that he will die but Anupama will not let his dolly grow. Ba will be taunting Anupama that Samar Bani will come to cut the talk and say that we don’t care about society. Ba will say that this world has changed for men but not for women. Ba will say that if the woman does not live from the heart, the family will die.

Bapuji will tell Anupama not to change his decision on Bana’s request. In the coming episodes you will see that Anupama will be silent and will not say anything. Anupama angrily withdraws her hand from Anuj and in return Anuj also threatens Anupama that he will not tolerate it anymore and this time he will leave her forever.

This person will make a fuss over Anuj-Anupama’s marriage, won’t the two get married?

The cast of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma, from Dilip Joshi to Moonmoon Dutta were surrounded by controversy, find out why they are surrounded by controversy …


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