Amardeep Zani, who became the mother of ‘Raju Rastogi’ in ‘3 Idiots’, has a real life daughter who is very glamorous; See photo

3 Idiots is one of the most memorable films of Bollywood. People still love to watch this movie. All the characters in the film 3 Idiots became famous, but the popularity of Amardeep Zani, who became the mother of Raju Rastogi in the film, reached a different level after the film.

When Aamir Khan and R Madhavan arrive at Sharman Joshi’s house for dinner, that scene from the film still makes people laugh. In this scene, Raju Rastogi’s mother made everyone laugh by telling the price of cheese and vegetables. You know that Amardeep Zani’s real life daughter is very glamorous.

Amardeep Zane also has a very beautiful daughter named Shriya Zane. Shriya Jha is also a popular TV actress and has acted in many films in the South. Shriya Jha is very active on social media and occasionally shares her gorgeous pics here.

Recently, on the occasion of Holi, Shriya shared a photo of herself in which she was looking very cute. In this photo, she was seen wearing short kurta and pajamas and immersed in the colors of Holi. Shriya was looking beautiful with a smile on her face.

People are seeing comments on this photo of Shriya. Shriya Zane is followed by thousands of people on Instagram.

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