Akshay Kumar himself is a victim of the poison thrown by his wife Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay has to clean his wife’s filth

You may know what Twinkle Khanna said yesterday about The Kashmir Files movie which is being praised by millions of people. Twinkle Khanna joked in her newspaper column yesterday about the same incidents that are making people cry.

After The Kashmir Files, now Bollywood producers are preparing to make a film with the word file behind the name of any city and are registering names for it, he said. Said I think.

That I should also make a movie nail file. However, this nail file will not be a disastrous manicure. However, after this statement of Twinkle Khanna, people are now condemning not only Twinkle but also Akshay Kumar. After seeing this statement, people said that Akshay deserves a better wife than Twinkle Khanna.

Whatever good Akshay does, Twinkle turns the tide on his hard work. Some people say that if Twinkle had not been Rajesh Khanna’s daughter, she would have had to roll the vamp in the industry. Friends, what do you have to say about this? Let me know

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