Aishwarya Rai is beautiful enough to beat John Abraham’s wife.

Until yesterday, Pakistani-origin Bollywood actress Veena Malik was in the headlines for the sensational news that she was pregnant before marriage, but today the wife of Bollywood star John Abraham is in the news.

It has recently been revealed that the man John Abraham is married to was already pregnant. According to media reports, John Abraham had to announce his marriage without even wanting to announce it because Priya Runchal was pregnant. According to reports, John’s baby is growing in Priya’s womb.

According to sources, now John Abraham and Priya Runchal believe that a new guest will come to their house soon. Priya Ruchal and John Abraham were married in 2011 but have not disclosed it since. When Priya became pregnant, he pressured John to tell the world that he was married.

John Abraham then posted on his Twitter page that he was married. John and Priya met in 2010 through a common friend. Earlier, John was dating Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. The affair lasted for about eight years.

Hardly any couple in Bollywood has had such a long affair. John and Bipasha had a breakup in 2011. After this John Abraham started appearing in public places with his girlfriend Priya.

It is said that when there is love, it is not hidden and love is talked about everywhere. This did not happen when he was dating his wife Priya with handsome actor John Abraham. When actor (John Abraham) dates Priya Runchal after Bipasha Basu’s breakup, people found out about her but no one could seal it. John secretly fell in love with Priya and even gave her the name of marriage.

John has always done the best films in his career. John’s love story is full of adventures with Priya doing all kinds of films. In such a situation today we will introduce you to the love story of John and Priya.

She knew Priya at the time of Bipasha. Fans don’t know how the love story started with John’s wife Priya Runchal. John Abraham met Priya Runchal, who had worked at the World Bank, in the gym. The two met at a Mumbai gym where John was walking with Bipasha Basu at the time. But when he met Priya in the gym, he was identified.

John and Priya met at the gym and later became friends. It is said that during his relationship with Bipasha, his friendship with Priya became close, so when he broke up with Bipasha, he became very close to Priya. It didn’t take long for John to choose Priya as his life partner after parting ways with Bipasha.

Secretly married to Priya .. Fans were getting news of Priya and John’s affair that meanwhile the actor got married and shocked everyone. It is said that the actor liked Priya’s simplicity and understanding, which is why in 2014 he got married to Priya in a very secret way.

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