After Kinjal Dave, Gujarat’s popular singer Bhuvaji also went on a trip to Dubai! See photos of people posing with their wives or viewers… – Voice of Gujarat

Friends, we all know that Gujarati music is loved all over the world. People love to handle Gujarati music and also give it a lot of love. Gujarati music and Gujarati artists are also very popular among the people. People like to know about what these artists do, their personal lives and where they go for walks.

Today we are here to talk about a voice artist who has gone abroad with his family. Friends, at present it seems that there has been a big vacation in the field of Gujarati music and a fair of Gujarati musicians has been organized abroad. One Gujarati artist after another has gone abroad for holidays. First Kinjal Dave went to Dubai with future Bharthar Pawan Joshi.

At this time she was accompanied by her favorite singer Urvashi Radadia, after which Kutchi Koyal i.e. Geeta Rabari also went to America with her husband Prithvi and now once again the feet of an artist passing by on foreign soil have fallen. According to the information received at present, the popular musician from Gujarat Gaman Santhal i.e. Bhuvaji has gone to Dubai with his family.

He has shared many photos of the trip on social media. We all know that nowadays artists stay connected with their fans through social media and upload their photos and videos on social media. People are also waiting to see the photos and videos of their favorite artists and many of them also like such photos.

Even though Bhuvaji is currently abroad, he is constantly connecting with his fans through social media and is sharing photos of various places from time to time. With the advent of these photos, there has been a lot of buzz on social media and people are liking it a lot. Even during his foreign tour, Bhuvaji is sharing photos of his special moments with the fans by remembering them.

The viral photos show Gaman Santhal and his wife Mittal sister and their daughter. In the photos, Gaman Santhal is seen posing with his wife in many romantic poses and taking photos in the streets of Dubai as well as in the desert. It is clear from the photos that they are enjoying this trip a lot. We all know who Gaman Santhal is.

In the beginning, Gaman Santhal has worked very hard in the world of music. After many struggles, people in every house today recognize him and call him by his nickname Bhuvaji. Starting from a small show, Bhuvaji won the hearts of the people with his voice. Today, there is a huge crowd in his program. People love Gaman Santhal a lot.

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