After Kinjal Dave and Kirtidan Gadhvi bought another Gujarati cigar See this luxury car Photos and videos Geeta Rabari… – Voice of Gujarat

Friends, we all know that at present our Gujarati music and folk songs are very much liked by the people of the country and the world. We all know that day by day the dominance of Gujarati music is increasing in the country and in the world, behind which Gujarati singers have made a huge contribution. We all know that Gujarati Singer gets a lot of love from home and abroad and he also has a lot of great folk tea.

We are talking about a Gujarati singer who is currently under discussion. We all know that at present there is a craze among Gujarati singers to travel abroad and buy expensive cars. Not long ago, many artists like Bhuvaji Kirtidan Gadhvi Jignesh Kaviraj along with Kinjal Dave and Geeta Rabari went to enjoy kings with their families. Apart from this, it seems that the trend of buying new cars has been seen in Gujarati singers.

We all know that not long ago many artists like Kinjal Dave and Kirtidan Gadhvi became the owners of expensive and luxurious cars and now one more name has been added to this list. Let us say that this name is popular Gujarati Rashmita Ben Rabari Let it be known that Rashmita Ben Rabari has a very big name in the field of Gujarati music and her folk tea is also in the country and abroad. Rashmita Ben Rabari is in constant touch with her fans through social media.

Recently, some pictures of Rashmita Ben Rabari taking her new car were also shared on social media which revealed that she has bought a new car. It is to be mentioned that in the pictures shared by Rashmita Ben Rabari, it can be seen that Rashmita Ben Rabari is standing near the new car and she has also shared the pictures of the worship of the new car on social media.

These photos and videos show several pictures of the new car bought by Rashmita Ben Rabari in which she is seen going to the temple and worshiping the car. A video has also been shared on social media about this matter. If we talk about Rashmita Ben Rabari’s new car, she has bought a new Fortuner model. Other artists including Geeta Rabari have also congratulated Rashmita Ben Rabari for buying a new car.

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