According to Vastushastra these five things can cause your ruin, know what? These five things .. – The smell of clay

According to Vastu Shastra, everything present in the house has its own significance, all things are the cause of good or bad energy, on which the happiness and prosperity of our house depends. Often some things cause loss and calamity in the family, keeping them in the house produces material defects in the house. In such a situation, you should know that having things in the house causes problems.

There is often a financial crisis in the home even after a lot of hard work, it is said that sometimes there is a fault behind it. Vastu Dosh develops negative energy in the house, there can be many reasons for Vastu Dosh in the house, there are many things that can cause Vastu Dosh in the house even if it is kept in the house.

These pictures will give negative energy. People should not put any picture on the wall of their house. Makeup, humor and soothing pictures should be used at home, it gives positive energy. Images of carnivores

Symbol of hatred and greed, so they should be ignored in decoration. Other paintings that are considered unsuitable to put in the house include bloody battles, desolate landscapes, dry trees and depressing-potential scenes. Similarly, putting pictures of dead relatives in the worship room is not considered auspicious.

Prickly and milk plants.Vastu believes that cactus, bonsai or any thorny plant should be avoided at home. Plants that give off a milky substance when broken are also not considered good. Such plants develop negative energy in the home, which can interfere with the well-being of the home and its people.

Nataraja’s idol in the house ..Nataraja’s idol According to Vastu Vijnan, the idol of Shiva in the form of Nataraja should not be kept in the house. The reason is that destruction occurs when Lord Shiva performs Tandava. This can lead to discord and embarrassment between members of the household.

Spider webWe get lazy in removing, which causes material defects in the house. According to Vastushastra, this can always be due to laziness, irritability in nature, and negative thoughts in the household.

In a house that has spider webs, the minds of the people living in the house do not work properly. He is always trapped like a net. This affects the ability to think and understand and also the ability to make decisions. The main cause of stress in family life is the spider web.

Broken utensils in the house.Mirrors, electronic items, photographs, furniture, beds, clocks, lamps, brooms, mugs, cups, etc. should not be kept. It generates negative energy in the house and the person faces mental and financial problems. It is also believed that this not only causes material faults, but also stops the flow of money.

Photo of the falls ..Many people like to have a water fountain in their house and consider it good, but having a picture of a water fountain in the house is not considered auspicious in Vastushastra. It is said that it causes instability in the house and the health and money of the members of the house flows like water.

Open closet ..If the shelves for books or some small items are not closed doors or covered with glass, they will be considered open. It is believed that having such a cupboard hinders all kinds of work and money flows like water.

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