Aamir Khan will be leaving acting with the movie “Lal Singh Chadha”! Then Kiran Rao said, no.

Fans of Bollywood actor, producer and director Aamir Khan are eagerly waiting to see his film Lal Singh Chadha. The film is set to release on August 11 on the big screen. In this film, her duo will be seen once again with Kareena Kapoor Khan. Fans are eager to see her performance after her 2018 film ‘Thugs of Hindustan’. But did you know that with the Lal Singh Chadha film, Mr. Perfectionist i.e. his own Aamir Khan decided to quit acting in cinema.

Aamir Khan is a Bollywood star whose shine has illuminated the film industry for many years. When he was introduced to the film industry in 1988, he made a splash in the industry with his chocolate boy look and attractive smile. Today, at the age of 57, he made a revelation that shocked fans.

Superstar Aamir Khan recently revealed in an interview how he decided to bid farewell to the film world during the Corona period. He said there was a time in his career in the last two years when he decided to quit films because of the impact it was having on his personal life. “I told the family that now I don’t want to act in films or make films and the family was shocked to hear this,” he said.

Aamir said three months passed and then his children advised him to create a balance in life. Mr Perfectionist said: “My children and Kiran stopped me and said I was doing wrong. Kiran got emotional and said that I have movies. So a lot happened in two years, I left the industry and came back.

Aamir Khan said that in the last two years I got a lot of time to think, I did a lot of introspection. At age 18, I started working with my uncle as an assistant director. After working for years, at age 57, I realized how far I was from family. But well, because if I had realized this at the age of 86, I would not have been able to do anything. For now, I can fix it.

Let me tell you that Aamir Khan said goodbye to Twitter during Corona’s tenure. Now, after this interview, fans are speculating that he may have taken this step after his decision to retire.

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