A temple in India where the one who sees God becomes blind

There are thousands of temples of many gods and goddesses in India. They all have different beliefs and their worship practices are also different. Here is information about one such wonderful temple. In general, most of the people consider the words of Nag and Mani as fiction.

But there is a temple in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand which no one has ever been able to see with the naked eye. It is believed that Nagraj is seated with his beads in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple. Its brightness is such that the sight of the beholder is lost. While performing puja in this temple, the priest also blindfolds him.

This temple is known all over the country as the temple of Latu deity. The temple is open only once a year and on that day also devotees pay homage to Latu Devta from a distance of 75 feet. No one, male or female, can enter the temple. The priests of the temple also wear blindfolds and worship. It is believed that a person who sees God with the naked eye loses his vision.

The Latu deity present in this temple is the brother of the adored Nanda Devi of Uttarakhand. Vanna village is the twelfth stop of the Raj Jat Yatra of the longest Srinanda Devi in ​​Uttarakhand which takes place every 12 years. Latu Devta congratulates Nanda Devi from Vanna village to Hemkund. When the temple of Latu Devta opens, Vishnu Sahasranama and Bhagwati Chandika lessons are organized.

A fair is also organized on this day. Devotees come from far and wide to visit this temple. People believe that Nagraj is seated in this temple and its gem is so bright that ordinary people cannot see it with the naked eye. Even the priests wear blindfolds so that the poisonous smell of Nagraj does not reach their noses.

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