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There are many such miraculous temples in our country which have many secrets in themselves. Even scientists have not been able to solve many of the mysteries hidden inside these temples till date. Today we are going to tell you about one such unique and mysterious temple of 400 year old India, where miraculous events happen every day which are beyond the comprehension of ordinary human beings and scientists.

Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari Temple ..Famous for Tantra Sadhana Rajeshwari Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari Mandir in Buxar district of Bihar is famous for Tantra Sadhana where every wish of the seekers is fulfilled. Every day a wonderful and miraculous event takes place here.

Of which there are many witnesses. But it is very difficult to explain or prove to others what they see or hear. Have been.

The idols talk to each other.Every night in this temple, the sound of speaking is heard from the idols. Hearing these sounds, it seems that the idols sitting in the temple are talking to each other.

These sounds are heard by people passing by here at midnight. Although at first people thought it was their illusion, but when scientists did research, they also had to believe in this phenomenon.

After conducting research, the team of scientists said that this sound does not belong to any person. They believe that something strange is happening here, which is why these sounds are heard. Those who talk during the day resonate here at night, but that’s just their guess.

There are statues of ten Mahavidyas. People here believe that the goddesses here are awake due to Tantric powers. Apart from the statues of the main goddess Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari, the temple also has idols of Baglamukhi Mata, Tara Mata, Dattatreya Bhairav, Batuk Bhairav, Annapurna Bhairav, Kal Bhairav ​​and Matangi Bhairav.

Along with these special idols of gods and goddesses, there are also idols of ten Mahavidyas like Kali, Tripura Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Tara, Chhinmasta, Shodashi, Matangi, Kamala, Ugra Tara, Bhubaneswari etc. This is the reason why Tantrics have unshakable faith in this temple.

However, according to the beliefs of the people, all the idols sitting in the Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari temple talk to each other and even the scientists have bowed down to this unsolved mystery of the temple. Was.

Since then the Tantric family has been handling the temple worship and Aarti. Mataji’s life has been completed here through Tantra Sadhana. Tantrics have unwavering faith in this temple. The most unique belief of the Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari Temple is that the sound of speaking comes from the idols set up here in a steady state. When people pass by here at midnight, they hear clear noises.

Scientists believe this is not a myth. Some words resound in the temple premises. After researching here by a team of scientists, they said that words are constantly circulating here. Scientists have also admitted that yes, but something strange happens, so the sound comes here.

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