A mother of two, she became the wife of a colonel at the age of 42. India Universe, got this destination after 22 years of marriage

Recently Mrs. India Universe 2022 competition was organized in Jaipur. The winner of the competition was 42-year-old Shweta Dhada, a mother of two. Mrs. India Universe 2022 winner, Mrs. India Universe 2022 winner Shweta Dahada Shweta Dhada became Mrs. India Universe at the age of 42 years. The competition was held in Jaipur. Shweta Dhada is a mother of 2 children and wife of a colonel.

Indian women are often busy with their families after marriage, which does not give them time to fulfill their dreams. But there are some women who take the responsibility of family, husband and children as well as the courage to make their dreams come true. One of them is Shweta Dhada who recently won the title of Mrs. India Universe 2022. At the age of 42, after almost 22 years of marriage, Shweta has fulfilled her dream.

According to a report so far, the name of the woman who has won the title of Mrs. India Universe 2019 is Shweta Joshi Dhada. Born in Amritsar, Shweta completed her school and college education there. After marriage, she completed her B.Ed. Her husband is Colonel Raman Dhada who is stationed in Hyderabad.

She said her husband was also behind her dreams because he held her hand in every situation. She also said that she wanted to enter the fashion field from the beginning and make a name for herself. He said he had participated in many Army events but personally this was his first competition. And in the first turn, he won the title in his own name.

Shweta is the mother of a 19-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son. She said that because of family responsibilities she did not focus on her dreams, but she always wanted to fulfill her dreams. She always wanted to do something in this field, so when she heard about this competition, she participated in the Mrs. India Universe 2022 pageant.

He has been declared the winner in the Platinum category. In addition to being a mother and wife, Shweta is also a fitness trainer and she got her certification in fitness 8 years ago. He trains families of Army personnel and now wants to join an NGO to raise women’s awareness about fitness.

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