A man set himself on fire and jumped from the roof of a building. You will be amazed to see the video.

These days social media is flooded with stunt videos, most recently a stunt video showing users falling asleep, with a man setting himself on fire and jumping off the roof of a building.

These days the number of people who want to go viral by stunting on social media is increasing rapidly. In which some people have become mad. He is not afraid to risk his life in search of creative material. Recently, a similar video has surfaced on social media, which has taken everyone by surprise. At the same time, watching the video makes the users stop breathing.

These days everyone’s heads seem to be going viral on social media. For which he does not lag behind in doing any work. The same thing happened in the clip that went viral, in which a man was seen setting himself on fire. If that wasn’t enough, the man could be seen jumping off a building.

In fact, the person seen in the video opposite on social media is seen doing two stunts at once. In the first part of the stunt he is seen standing on the roof of the building. He is seen stunting and jumping off a roof during a fire when one of his comrades sets him on fire.

Users are currently watching this video. At the same time, the video is rapidly going viral on social media. After watching the video, most of the users consider it as a very dangerous stunt. As can be seen in the video, after jumping from the roof, the person falls on the foam pillows kept on the ground. Where his team extinguishes the fire on him.

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