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Although India is the land of the brave and great kings, whose heroism and greatness is still told today, but sometimes some cases become such that we begin to call them exceptions. There has been a great king whose name is Pushyamitra Shung. Let me tell you that the Shung dynasty begins with Pushyamitra Shung. He was born a Brahmin and a Karmana Kshatriya. Let us know why Pushyamitra Shunga had to bring an end to the Mauryan Empire.

The story begins when India was ruled by Chandragupta Maurya. As you may know, Chandragupta Maurya’s guru was Acharya Chanakya himself. Acharya always paved the way for everyone to take nationalism forward. But when Acharya Chanakya died, Chandragupta Maurya converted to Jainism and promoted its propagation.

In time, when Chandragupta’s reign came to an end, his son Bindusara got the reins. Bindusara originated from the Ajivika Sampradaya, as a result of which he became anti-Vedic and began to advance his own ideology.

After Bindusara, when his son Ashoka inherited power, he committed a lot of violence in his early days. In his insistence on expanding his borders, he destroyed the entire Kalinga. After this it is said that his mind suddenly changed and he resorted to Buddhism.

By the time Ashoka converted to Buddhism, his empire had been established from Myanmar to Iran and from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu. But after the Kalinga war, his insistence on expanding the border came to an end. Everything he did after that was for the propagation, spread and expansion of Buddhism.

Fall of the Mauryan Empire When Ashoka took refuge in Buddhism, his empire turned away from violence, which took advantage of the surrounding small kingdoms. He started trying to make himself independent.

The Mauryan Empire became very weak until the death of Ashoka and later Brihadratha, who became the last ruler of the Mauryan Empire. This was the time when the whole of Magadha converted to Buddhism. This was the same land that had defeated the warriors like Alexander and Seleucus, but now it had lost its heroic instincts. India was now dominated by foreigners, the only reason being the non-violent policies of Buddhism.

In such a situation, the country needs a revolution and a powerful ruler who can bring this heroic land back to its glory. Just don’t wait any longer, this earth was soon found in the form of that ruler Pushyamitra Shringa. Pushyamitra had thoughts about the way in which the Vedic civilization of India had decayed in the last few years.

Meanwhile the king received news that some Greek rulers were planning to invade India. These Greek rulers had joined Buddhist monks for the conquest of India. Simply put, Buddhist gurus were committing treason. Preparations for conquest of India began. He began sheltering Greek soldiers in their monasteries disguised as monks and concealing weapons.

When the news reached Pushyamitra Shringa, he asked the king for permission to search for a Buddhist monastery. But the king refused to give such an order. But time had to do something else. Senapati Pushyamitra went to inspect the monastery with his soldiers without the permission of the king.

After the death of the king, Pushyamitra became the emperor. Being Brihadrath Raja and Senapati Pushyamitra did not obey him, which made him feel very bad. During the military parade, an argument broke out between the king and the general. The controversy escalated so much that the king attacked Pushyamitra, in return for which Brihadrath was killed by the general.

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