A case of slandering sibling relations, seeing the sister alone at home, the brother took her to bed

A case involving brother-sister relationship has taken place in mega city Ahmedabad. Taking advantage of Parineeta’s loneliness in Ahmedabad, her cousin had a physical altercation with her. Not only that, he also grabbed his cousin from behind and kissed her. The incident took place when he forced his cousin to lie on the bed and touched her dirty. Parineeta then lodged a complaint against her cousin at the police station.

It so happened that Parineeta, 22, lives with her family in Amraiwadi area of ​​Ahmedabad. She is survived by her husband and a two-year-old daughter. His family is originally from Uttar Pradesh. Then on Sunday the father’s cousin came to his house. In which relationship he becomes a cousin. Parineeta was alone in the house when her cousin came. So the cousin started talking and later got into dirty tricks.

The cousin asked about the meal in front of the bride. After which the cousin said to the sister, ‘Have dinner soon, or I will eat you.’ Parineeta told her brother not to say such a bad thing. But he did not stop there. He later grabbed his sister, who was working in the kitchen. Not only that, he kissed his wife on the cheek. The youth forced her to lie down on the bed and made dirty demands on her sister by touching her dirty.

The sister removed him on the cousin’s move, and the young man later left the house. However, Parineeta later reported the matter to her husband. Parineeta’s husband Nicole owns a mobile shop in the area, so he came home immediately from the shop. He first consoled his wife, after which the husband and wife reached the Amraiwadi police station to lodge a complaint. The couple also informed their family members living in UP about the incident.

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