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This time we are telling the wonderful story of the miraculous trident located in the ancient temple named Gopeshwar in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. You too will be amazed to know about this temple and its trident.

This temple is mentioned in Skanda Purana: In the Kedarkhand of Skanda Purana it is said that Shiva tells mother Parvati that this is a pilgrimage place called Gosthal. Where I have always lived with you, my name is Pasvishwar. The devotion of the devotees at this place is especially enhanced. The trident that symbolizes us there is amazing. It is believed that Pashveshwar Mahadev resides in a real form with Goddess Parvati in the temple here.

Ratikunda It is believed that Shiva burned Kamadeva with his third eye at this place, hence Shiva is also called Jashketuhar in this area. At this place Lord Shiva was also named Ratishwar,

Because Cupid’s wife Rati did hard penance near a kund here and Lord Shiva blessed her that Cupid will be born as Pradyumna as the son of Lord Krishna and there you will visit him. The place where Rati meditated was named Rati Kund which is also known as Vaitarnikund.

The flowers are always green on the tree There is a tree next to this ancient temple, which is full of the same flowers in every season. Its flowers are coming in every season and this tree is always green and full of flowers. It is a wonderful feeling to see this tree.

The trident moves with the finger of devotion The locals and the priests here say that you cannot move the huge trident located here by force. If an attempt is made to move this trident with force, it will not vibrate at all,

But if it is touched with devotion with the little finger of the little finger, the trishul starts trembling frequently. For the people, this is nothing short of a wonder and a miracle.

In which inscriptions of different periods are engraved.

Another inscription from 1119 AD mentions the restoration of the trident by King Ashoka Challa of Nepal. Sculptures carved from around the 5th-6th century, obtained from the temple premises, show the religious significance of the place at that time.

This temple is built in Nagara style. Its architectural plan is the Tri-Rath and when viewed from the front, its apex is adorned with ornaments of Bhadramukh Chaitya all around. Shiva is depicted in the form of Nataraja on the lunar rock of Uchna Suknas.

This temple, in the style of Jagyeshwar’s Mrityunjaya, has temple objects, which is why it is believed to have been built during the 8th century AD. The temple pavilion was added later, apart from three smaller temples, one of which dates to the 10th century AD, built in the Balabhi style. Along with this there are two other buildings which are called Raval Niwas.

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